Cori Longo for Ward Métis

A councillor who will show up for you every day.

Can we count on you?

The time is right to elect a progressive woman who will show up every day for her constituents.

Cori Longo has deep roots in Edmonton. She grew up in Belmead, and today lives in Alberta Avenue with her partner Michael and their two children. Cori has worked as a postal worker and registered nurse, and now advocates for working people in Alberta with the Canadian Labour Congress.

Community health and well-being drive everything Cori does.
In the midst of a public health crisis, she is committed to supporting the lives and livelihoods of Edmontonians. It’s why she wants to bring her expertise and experience to representing the communities of Ward Métis. The time is right to elect a progressive woman who will show up every day for her constituents.

For the Edmonton that is possible & the Edmonton we deserve.

Neighbourhoods where everyone can thrive.

Every person living in Ward Métis deserves a safe, healthy, and happy community. The people of Ward Métis need an elected representative who deeply understands their concerns and will fight fiercely for them every day. 

Now is the time for a city council that represents Edmonton’s diverse people and ideas. Now is the time to invest in public services — not cut or privatise them. Now is the time for economic and racial equality in our communities.

Together, we can increase access to community resources such as mental health supports and affordable housing. 

Together, we can invest in municipal public services–our playgrounds, parks, pools, libraries, and recreation centres–which enrich our lives. 

Together, we can move through our communities with affordable transit, well-marked crosswalks, and improved infrastructure. 

Together, we can build a community that works for you.

Can we count on you?

Can we count on you?


Call or text Cori at 780-667-CORI (2674)
Email at [email protected]